Your Beloved Author

A scholar, a gentleman, a belletrist. An agoraphobe from birth, a thanatophobe from death. Some have accused him of being a homophone. Half empath, three-quarters sociopath, half-blood prince, all pauper.

Allow me to introduce you to that renowned unknown, that undoubtable redoubtable absolute imperfection: Raul Clement.

He is the coauthor, alongside Okla Elliott, of The Doors You Mark Are Your Own, the first novel in the Joshua City Trilogy. He has been published in American Literary ReviewBlue Mesa Review, Coe Review, Surreal South ’09As It Ought To Be, Serving House Journal, and some other places. He is a senior editor at Mayday Magazine and New American Press. He dresses to impress. He undresses to depress. He rights wrongs, he writes wrong. He is and always will be (depending on what your definition of is is). For his screed and credo, go here.