Before your beloved author was your—or anyone’s—beloved author, he liked to compose and perform music. The pandemic did strange and recursive things to all our minds, and so he found himself returning to his first love. No, not Mrs. Hill, his fourth grade English teacher. I’m talking tickling the ivories, seducing the six strings, teasing the treble clef, caressing the chromatic scale, and doing dirty deeds with diminished chords.

Recently he released an E.P. with his high school band, Vecordia. Called Rechordia , the E.P. is an experiment in “blind reharmonization.” What does that mean? Well, quite simply, it’s easiest to listen to the commentary track, “Making Rechordia”, to find out. The E.P. is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or your streaming platform of choice. Lyric videos are available on Vecordia’s YouTube channel.

He also is working on solo music under the name The Suffering Channel. An album is forthcoming, but while you wait for it to come forth, you can listen to some fragments and half-baked ideas here.